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Harriet's smiling face, with a burnt orange hat on and a jacket with the hood on over her head


Hi, I’m Harriet and I run Navigation with Harriet.

I’m qualified in many activities but my primary passion is mountaineering.  I began working in the outdoors over 15 years ago and it has been my calling.

I have worked all over the world from Oman to Peru. 

I've led expeditions and have always enjoyed doing a long hike or some climbing along the way. 

Now I live in the Lake District and I love it, it has so many places to discover and enjoy.  

I love to share my knowledge, experience and skills with others.  I want to inspire people to feel confident and competent outside.  The majority of my work over the years has been with underrepresented or 'disadvantaged' folks in the UK.

I enjoy teaching and boosting other people’s confidence. In my experience, the more you grow and build on your technical skills, the more confident you’ll feel walking, navigating or climbing in the outdoors.


And that’s my mission; to help you find your way like I have!

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