A day out on the hill with Harriet boosted my confidence in solo walking.

I can read a map, get bearing and use a compass which I couldn't really do beforehand.  

I have a week off soon and plan to walk in Langdale a bit do your course has helped me make the decision to do it solo.  Also been enjoying reading the map and then visualising what it might look like and then comparing with the actual landscape.

Pretty cool. 

The day had a great atmosphere around it, it's cheesy but it really did feel like women supporting women, which I wasn't expecting to that degree.


I LOVE strong women supporting/empowering each other and it just feels very non-judgmental as we were all learning together. As an executive member of the Lanc Uni Hiking Club for three years I got to see that women are often over looked and lack the confidence to go on the "harder" male dominated routes. I'm currently in STEM which is of course male dominated and I love being part of breaking those gender barriers down. Looking forward to doing the same in the hiking industry !

It exceeded my expectations of being in a group of just woman, everyone was friendly, helpful and I have touched base with a couple to go out and experience mountain days with.