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a group of people looking at maps in the peak district


The day had a great atmosphere around it, it's cheesy but it really did feel like women supporting women, which I wasn't expecting to that degree.

Sarah (she/her)

It exceeded my expectations of being in a group of just woman, everyone was friendly, helpful and I have touched base with a couple to go out and experience mountain days with.

Marie (she/they)

It being a LGBTQIA+ weekend made it much less intimidating to go in the first place, it being funded made it accessible. I loved to see that. It was lovely to meet other queers who want to be save and happy outside - and I definitely left more confident and feeling safer out in the mountains both by myself and with a group.

Luan (he/him)

As a queer person of colour, I do not always feel included in hiking groups and environments. This course was an opportunity to learn - and make mistakes, of course - in a safe and supportive environment. Harriet is a great leader and instructor, I will definitely attend other courses!
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