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Why is this a space for underrepresented groups?

Representation matters.


The outdoor industry has evolved over the years startting off as an extension of the military and have since evolved into many different sectors of outdoor education.  Inclusive and diversity has not been included in that evolution.  


Until now.  

There are many groups in the Uk that are underepresented in the UK and while many change makers are doing the work and making a difference there is still work to be done.  There is a skill and knowledge gap that is preventing folks from getting outside and enjoying hte great outdoors and feeling like they belong.  I'm fortuante to be in a position that I'm passionate about this change and skilled so I can share my knowledge.  

In order to minimise these gaps I collaborate with groups and provide private tuition.  if you feel this would be good for your community group or charity please get in touch.  

Groups I have worked with so far:

The Wanderlust Women

Black Trail Runners

The Adventure Girls Club

And many more to come....