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Harriet with Amira (wearing a niqab) and Shareen (wearing a hijab) in the Lake District with Ullswater in the background

Why is this a space for underrepresented groups?

Representation matters.


The outdoor industry has evolved over the years into many different sectors of outdoor education.  Inclusion and diversity has not been a priority included in that evolution.  


Until now.  

There are many groups that are underrepresented in the UK and while many change makers are doing the work and making a difference there is still work to be done.  

There is a skill and knowledge gap that prevents folks from getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors and feeling like they belong in it.  

I'm fortunate to be in a position that I'm passionate about this change and skilled so I can share my knowledge.  

In order to minimise these gaps I collaborate with community groups, groups specifically dedicated to represent underrepresented groups and provide private tuition.  

I also run courses for LGBTQIA+ groups as well as many other courses to provide safe spaces.


If you feel this would be good for your community group or charity please get in touch.  

Groups I have worked with so far:

The Wanderlust Women

Black Trail Runners

The Adventure Girls Club

All The Elements

Bird Outdoors

And many more to come....

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