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Harriet showing to people how to use a compass and read a map

Why is this a space for women, non binary and transgender folks?

I provide an invaluable safe space for women, non binary and trans folks to challenge themselves and feel comfortable to ask all the questions.  

Honesty and vulnerability are seen as strength on all my courses and events. It means we understand each other better and the course gets tailored to your needs.


 Reasons why these spaces are so great: 

  • More comfortable to express yourself

  • Less intimidating

  • Women leading ensures women's needs are met

  • Feel safer, more supported and comfortable

  • Ensure that your voice is heard and listened to

  • Helps to break down barriers faced in society

  • We will be able to address issues that challenge us in the outdoors

  • You can feel comfortable in showing your own vulnerabilities without any judgement

  • Meet others that have similar interests as yourself

  • Together we will build up your self confidence, independence and skills

  • I can also teach you how to wee, poo and period outside

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